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June 11, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

It can't possibly be Friday already. No way. I guess that's what happens when you are out of town on Monday and Tuesday, and do *nothing* on Wednesday to recover. That just leaves Thursday and Friday.

On Sunday I took the three milkers over to a friend's house, where they would be milked while I was out of town. She was going to babysit my bottle buckling too, but at the last minute my husband stepped in and said he would take care of the little guy as long as I pasteurized the milk and had the bottles prepared.

Also on Sunday, we bathed and clipped K's horse and another 4H member's horse, and packed the gooseneck trailer.

Monday morning our 4H club caravaned 2+ hours to our district horse show. Six girls plus parents, seven horses, four large horse trailers...

Tuesday was so hectic, and so HOT. When it was over and all the stalls were cleaned, we loaded up and made the 2+ hour drive in reverse. It was a bit of a comedy - a closed road that had been open the day before, one truck getting lost, a bucket that blew out of my truck bed and under the trailer where it made a horrible scraping noise that brought mental pictures of the back door of the trailer dragging down the road behind me - but we made it home safely, praise the Lord. That's all that matters. (NOTE TO SELF: do not put items in the truck bed!)

As soon as we had unloaded horses and emptied the truck, we brought the milkers back home. (We folded the back seat up, lined the floor with an old shower curtain and comforter, just in case, and squeezed all three goats aboard. Both trips, Faith laid down and Grace stood over her, next to Taffy. Such good girls.) The rest of my goats are still raising kids, so there was no need to milk them.

I've mentioned that my evening milking is at 10 PM, when the day has cooled down. Faith and Taffy are milked twice daily, and Grace just once. This week I switched Grace's milking from morning to evening when it's cooler. I've never done that before; when I milk once a day it's always been in the morning, but I am really liking this change. The biggest disadvantage is the bugs that are attracted to my lantern, but I still like it better.

What did you do this week?

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