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July 2, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- The peach tree that I bought last spring from Stark Bros Nursery produced ONE peach this year. It was nicely ripe this week, so I picked it before it fell to the ground and was ruined. I cut it in half, removed the pit (I'd purposely bought a freestone variety) and shared it with dh. It was DELICIOUS, juicy and sunwarmed. I hope the tree produces well next year; one peach isn't enough.

Our older peach tree was broken in the wind this spring. Lord willing, I'll replace it next spring. I try to buy two new fruit trees each spring, and also to replace any that have died, but I wasn't able to get any this year. Perhaps I can buy them this fall instead of waiting till the next spring.

-- We finished the first stall in the goat barn!

-- The sheep have been spending their days in the round pen, mowing the grass and clover. The lamb has managed to get out twice, but the rest are behaving themselves. As soon as Splash finishes his breakfast and is out in the pasture, I open the sheeps' gate to the round pen. They run over to Splash's feeder and eat the horse pellets he dropped underneath. Grazing two species like this (horses and sheep in this case) is good for parasite management; each will interrupt the life cycle of the worms that bother the other species.

-- In spite of our and our vet's best efforts, we lost the female alpaca Juliette on Wednesday, 2 days after her c-section.


  1. ~ jackie11:28 AM

    So sorry about the loss of your girl.

  2. Thank you, Jackie, and all the rest of you who sent notes.


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