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July 9, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- I gave the water troughs a thorough cleaning.

-- The first of the plums are ripe! I put 3 quarts of puree and 2 cups of juice into the freezer until I have time to process them further

-- The blackberries are beginning to turn ripe and I've picked a few each day. It should be a good harvest.

-- It seems as though it has rained all week long. It's hard to get anything "extra" done when you are struggling to get the dailies done while slogging through the mud. K and I had a date to go trail riding at a nearby lake with a friend, and had to cancel due to the mud. We've rescheduled and hope to go next week. There are only a few weeks left until K leaves for college, and we've been wanting to go riding together for literally *years*. I'm making it a high priority to go at least once before she leaves; I hope the weather will cooperate.

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