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July 7, 2010


Yesterday's storms and winds brought down a lot of plums from the tree - both ripe and unripe - and yet there are plenty more still on the branches. In between the storms I grabbed my largest stockpot and picked up the good ones from the ground.

They needed to be processed right away, so even though I'd had an intense headache all day I cooked them all down. I put 3 quarts of pulp and 2 cups of juice into the freezer.

Two years ago I made a batch of sweet and sour plum sauce, and I really hoped that we liked it because it made ten pints. We loved it, but last year we had hardly any plums due to a late frost, so I couldn't make more. I rationed the few jars that we had left and we used the last one before winter ever arrived.

This year I hope to make two batches, so plum puree is high priority. Each batch takes four cups of puree, so I already have enough set aside to make sauce. It's a rather complicated recipe ingredient-wise, so putting it in the freezer gives me time to gather everything needed.

When my daughter arrives later this month, she wants me to teach her how to can. She will only be here for a couple of days, so I want to make it simple. I don't know yet if we will make blackberry jelly, some kind of jam, or sweet & sour sauce, but whatever it is, I plan to have everything ready so we can just put it together and can it. Waterbath canning is enough for this year; we'll tackle pressure canning another time.

We also plan to do some work on the Three Generation Quilt.
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