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July 26, 2010

Trail Riding

Friday we went on our second trail ride, this time with our friend. Her horse is green-broke and she was rather apprehensive about going, but her husband encouraged her and even drove their truck and trailer to the lake. He sat in the shade while we rode, and took a "group photo" when we got back.

Once again we had a lovely ride. I was more relaxed on my horse this time, knowing what to expect from him. This was my last chance to ride with my youngest daughter, since she is leaving for college next week.

The weather was a bit cooler than last time, there was a light breeze, the trail was drier. There were a few more people around this time. We were earlier than last time too; we hit the trail right at 9:00 just like we'd planned.

Down the trail, over the bridge, up and down a stair-step obstacle (I'm sure there's a name for it, but I don't know what it is!), and across a stream.... then we turned around and went back, figuring that asking our friend's husband to wait an hour was long enough.

My silly horse did not want to go back in the trailer afterwards; I was very thankful that Bob was there to help!

I told our friend that my goal is to ride completely around the lake before the end of the year, and I added "hint!" to my statement. You see, I will not ride alone. My brother had a very serious accident with a horse when I was in high school; we were riding together so I was able to go for help. Before that day, I'd been riding alone and loving it. That day I saw the wisdom in not riding alone, and it has become my rule.

My husband says these pictures look just like the ones from last week. ~smile~

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