Working on the Goat Barn

We finished the first stall in the goat barn! For awhile it will house the two adult bucks - at least until they begin to smell when the rutting season begins, usually in August; then they will be moved out! No smelly bucks in my new barn!

This was precipitated when the old house trailer, fondly known as the Animal House and only used for storage, slid during the rainstorm a week ago. The pillar of cinder blocks supporting it slid out from underneath it, and now one side is slammed up against an oak tree, and the opposite corner is resting on the ground. (It also compromised the roof, so we will have to move all the storage items out. I was also using it as my milkroom, which will now move to the goat barn a bit more quickly than planned.) The bucks' pen used two outside walls of the Animal House, and when it moved, it left a gap in their fence. "Courage" was lounging in the barnyard when I went outside that afternoon. Yep, time to move the bucks. So, even though we are still technically working on the stalls in the horse barn before working on the goat barn, there is now one goat stall finished.

I so wanted to get the new goat fencing finished this year, but I don't know if it will happen. It's such a shame to have all that browse available but not fenced for goats. Free food that they cannot eat. ~sigh~ We have the fencing bought, we have some of the t-posts, we just have too many projects ahead of this one, and it is HOT and HUMID outside.

I've designed the new goat grazing area with a holding pen at the barn's door, then gates into 3 wooded and grassy pastures so that they can rotation-graze. The water trough will be in the holding pen; I will only need one and it will be easily-accessible to fill and maintain. I will close the goats into the holding pen at night, and they can go inside the barn for shelter from rain or cold. During the summer, they prefer to sleep outside. The stalls will allow me to separate the kids at night so I can milk in the morning; they will also function as kidding stalls in spring.

I'm hoping to at least refence enough that the holding pen is finished, and have access from that to the current goat pen. I plan to use the barn this winter, and there is no fenced access to it from the current pen.

That gap along the bottom of the goat barn in the photo is the result of the bulldozer operator's definition of "level". I'll be filling that in with cinder blocks.

I haven't yet decided what to do for the bucks though. They will need a buck house and smaller pasture of their own. Their time in the main barn is limited. As I wrote, they cannot stay in the barn during the rutting season.

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  1. So sorry about the sliding Animal House...but your goat barn and future plans sound wonderful!


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