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August 30, 2010

Design Flaw

Why do designers think that this is a wise use of space?

Do you see all the empty, wasted space at the top? Another shelf, or even two, would be so handy. For five years I've been threatening to take matters into my own hands. And right now, I have some 3-feet-long pieces of 1x12". Hmmmm.

I recently cleaned out one side of the china cabinet, where we used to keep our homeschool supplies and notebooks, etc.

Again, there is a lot of wasted space here. A shelf would double the available storage. (Don't you love the current use? Tink does.) The matching cabinet on the other side is where I keep my big stockpots, so the tall space is used well there.

I store my pots and pans in the kitchen island. They were sliding and tilting, and one evening while I was sick my husband made dinner, and sent the whole mountain sliding in a noisy crash. It was definitely time to do something about it.

No "before" picture, sorry, but here is the "after" picture. I used a 2-foot-long piece of 1x12, and a box to hold up it up; not the best solution, but it's working for now. I wanted space at the side for the racks and muffin pans, so did not want the shelf to go all the way across, or I would have put cleats on the sides to hold up a longer shelf.

I used a small plastic pan to hold all the lids. A plastic dishpan won't fit through the cabinet door, which I consider another major design flaw, so this smaller pan works perfectly. Hopefully it will all stay organized now.

I didn't realize until we moved in that our kitchen has only FOUR drawers. That's it. Our previous house had 14 kitchen drawers. (Yes, I do miss that kitchen!) One way I made extra space was to stack two drawer organizers in one drawer. The bottom one has knives; the top one holds the silverware. The top unit slides forward and back, and I can tip it up to reach the knives underneath. It works for me.

ABOVE: This is the bottom unit, with the knives and miscellaneous utensils.

The top unit holds the silverware, and slides back and forward to allow access to the unit underneath. I can also tip it up to reach into the bottom unit.

I'm going back to my project of figuring out shelves for those two very tall cabinets...

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