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August 13, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

Over the past two weeks...

-- We bought hay and stacked it in the barn. Nothing smells better than good, fresh hay!

-- Soapmaking: "Smoky Patchouli", "Sportsman" made with deer tallow, "Very Vanilla" and "Oklahoma Wildflowers".

-- We spent almost a week visiting our son in the hospital, a daily four-hour round trip, so only the most necessary tasks were done here at home. We did have to fix a fence to keep our fence-climbing horse in his pasture and out of the hayfield which isn't completely fenced. We occasionally have stray cows appear in the hayfield, so obviously if he wanted to, the horse could also go visiting. Fortunately - so far - he's been content to stay with the herd even when there is a fence between them. (WHY do they call it "no-climb fencing"?)

-- The does are starting to come into season; autumn is on its way. Really, it is. It may be 103*, but autumn is coming. Really.

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