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August 25, 2010


Our neighbor appeared one day last week and asked if we wanted our hayfield cut and baled. It took less than two seconds for me to say "you betcha!" He's cut it for us a few times over the years, but not every year. We didn't even get it brush-hogged last year and we noticed last week that there are tree seedlings and lots of thistles growing this year. Fortunately the thistles are just beginning to bloom so they won't spread seed to make a bigger mess next year.

So, over the weekend our field was cut and baled. Only in Oklahoma can you cut a field of native grass one day and bale it the next - it's THAT hot.

Our neighbor only does round bales. While I prefer square bales (they are much easier to handle), I am not picky. We give the round bales to the horses, about one bale a week. Our neighbor takes a percentage of the finished bales, but there are enough left to get us through the winter, and the square bales we have in the barn will feed the goats.

We'll have to put a new tire on our "round bale buggy" so we can move the big bales around.


  1. Nice post. I am trying to get some property in Central Ky. 22 acres, 13 is field. In looking at property neighbor says he has cut it for years. My question is what is a good percentage for the neighbor farmer for cutting and bailing hay. Sorry for the stupid question, but I am new. Thanks,

  2. @chili369: It will depend on your area, and sometimes varies by year as well. Here the most usual percentage is 60/40, with 40% going to the land owner. I've heard of some asking 70/30 this year.

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Here in IN we can also cut one day and bale the next. This summer has been especially hot and dry, with record highs and a 2 month-long drought. It's dusty as all get out, but it's good hay weather!


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