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August 16, 2010

How Hot Was It?

It's been hot enough to cook an egg.

Yesterday morning I gathered the eggs, and put them... well... somewhere. After I finished the feeding chores, I couldn't find them. I decided that I'd either find them eventually or else the dogs had gotten them. I have enough in the refrigerator that it really didn't matter.

Hubby and I had to go into town, so when we got home I got out of the truck and opened the gate so he could drive through. Next to the gate post was the plastic dish with the eggs in it. I did NOT put it there, so one of the dogs must have carefully carried it from the barnyard, through the front yard, and put it by the gate. The eggs were unbroken.

Of course I wasn't going to take them in the house at that point. They'd been in the sun for hours, so I walked over to where one of the dogs was lying in the shade, and broke an egg for her to eat. It was soft-cooked inside, like it had been soft-boiled. The "white" was white, and the yolk was soft-cooked. Amazed, I cracked the rest and they were also cooked.

Yep, it's been hot enough to cook an egg in the shell. Literally.

It does make your thoughts turn toward solar cooking though, doesn't it? What if... those eggs had been in a metal bucket instead of a plastic dish? What if... I had a cast-iron skillet, and set it out in the sun to heat up for an hour, and then cracked the eggs into it? What if...

I've done a little experimenting with a homemade cardboard solar oven; I baked a chicken and made a stew, and of course sun tea, but it does make your mind turn over with possibilities...

We had a cold front go through last night, and today's high is predicted to be only 92. After over a week of 100+ highs, that does sound cooler, but let's call it a "cool front" instead of a cold front - 92 is still hot. There are a few little rain storms on the radar, but we only have a 20% chance of showers, so I'm not going to hold my breath.

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