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October 11, 2010

Fenceline Feeding

OR the problem with fenceline feeders
Splash (horse) and Dream (goat)

The goats aren't crazy about the bermuda hay I'm feeding right now, but the horses sure like it.

I like fenceline feeders so that I don't have to push the goats out of my way while my arms are full of hay, and they can't jump on me when I'm carrying a bucket of grain. I've tripped over goats and cats and dogs, and the goats have knocked me over a few times, so I am trying to make chore time safe. I'm not getting any younger! And when it's icy in the winter, I'll need to be even more careful.

I have accused my clowder of cats of conspiring to kill me on occasion. I'm sure they purposely try to trip me.

Fenceline feeders are great, but the horses share this fenceline with the goats, and it's a sure thing that one horse or more will be "sharing" the goats' hay.

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