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October 22, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

"Learn to laugh at yourself and then with other people.
A good sense of humor is the key to life."
~ Clinton Anderson

This week, more of a this-and-that post than a list of "done's"...

-- Happy birthday today to M, our daughter #2!

-- We pulled into a McDonalds the other day so hubby could buy a cup of coffee. I waited in the car while he went inside, and noticed two little grey kittens come out of the tall grass and scamper under the pickup next to us. I lost sight of them but after awhile I heard them mewing under the car, so I opened my door and put my hand out while calling to them. One came near, but not close enough to touch. My opinion changed from "feral" to "dumped". Poor little babies, probably looking for food.

Because I had my car door open, a woman noticed and came over. "Are you going to take them home?" she asked. I explained with regret that I already had too many at home, and we were headed into the City and wouldn't return home for hours. She sat on the curb and eventually one came to her and she held it close. Another woman and her son came over, and caught the second one. This woman said she nearly ran over one of them as she pulled into the parking lot, and could take them both home if the first woman couldn't. I'm so thankful that they now have a home; I was really hating the idea of leaving them there. I don't know if they went home together or to different homes, but they did both go home, and for that I am thankful.

-- Lavender, my two-year-old doe, kept jumping the goat pen fence and was spending her days in the barnyard. She was very content, and the others did not care that she was out or try to follow her, but I worried that she would jump out in the evening and spend the night outside the fence. I moved her to the other pen for my own peace of mind.

-- The monarch butterflies are migrating south for the winter. I smile each time one crosses my path. The grackles have joined up into massive flocks, wheeling and whirling in the sky, and turning trees black when they perch as a group, chattering noisily. We've had fog in the hollows several mornings. The leaves have begun to change to their autumn colors, although we don't really get much color here in Oklahoma. The oaks are dropping their leaves, and the goats have taken up their stations near the chicken coop, waiting for a breeze to send leaves to the ground. The does act like children at a parade, running for the candy that is tossed out for them.

-- On a recent morning I opened the door to the feed trailer again, and several cats jumped in as several more jumped out. It reminded me of a hockey game where the players swarm on and off the bench.

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