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October 25, 2010

Kitchen Drawers

We've moved a LOT in the many years we've been married. The Navy does that to you, and then the pulpit continued to send us from place to place. One of the things I learned over the years to make moving easier, was to put things in the same place as much as possible, especially in the kitchen.

Sometimes there were lots of drawers and cabinets in our house, apartment, military quarters or parsonage; sometimes there were only a few. There always seemed to be at least one "bank" of four drawers though, and I always set them up the same way.

The top drawer was for silverware. In our current house, we have few drawers, so I devised something new: the silverware (more correctly, it's "flatware") drawer has double-decker organizers.

The top organizer holds the flatware, the bottom one holds knives and a few other essentials such as the candy thermometer that I use in cheesemaking. Because it's glass, it's safely kept in this plastic holder. The top organizer slides back and forth and gives easy access to the bottom organizer.

The front of the drawer also has the kitchen scissors, the can opener, a jar lid opener, and my favorite knife is on the right under the flatware.

The second drawer holds all the boxes of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, etc.

The third is my measuring drawer - it holds the measuring cups (I have three sets and yes, I use them all), measuring spoons (2 sets), two colanders, canning funnels, an egg separator, and my handy-dandy biscuit cutter. Things are stacked "just so"; they fit perfectly, maximize the space, and I always know where to find them.

The bottom drawer holds the kitchen towels. Not very exciting, but functional. In my current kitchen, they also hold the potholders, which are not in the photo because they are u-g-l-y.

If there were additional drawers, they would hold utensils, etc., but my current home only has those four, so other items have to be stored in other places. Often-used utensils are in a ceramic flower pot on the counter, the rest are hidden away in a cupboard.

Oh, for more room, but I've learned to make do with what I have. That's the secret to contentment, isn't it?

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