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October 13, 2010

Pantry Space

Back in our early-married days, when we had only one baby, we moved into military housing with a nice, large kitchen. Just inside the kitchen door there was a closet under the stairs with built-in shelves on all three walls: the perfect pantry! I loved it!

Of course we moved... and several years later we moved back into that same housing neighborhood, a few blocks away from our prior unit. I was so excited about having a pantry under the stairs again, only to find out that the shelving wasn't a standard feature. Some enterprising husband had built those shelves in our first kitchen. So I bought several metal shelf units and made my own pantry, but even good metal shelving bends over time, and I worried about our little girls pulling the freestanding units over on top of themselves.

I've always been fond of old, old homes with a butler's pantry - all those cabinets and shelves to hold things! One year at the state fair we saw manufactured homes with hidden pantries, a hidden room of shelves that one accesses by opening what look like ordinary cupboard doors in the kitchen.

It's not as though I have a surplus of serving pieces, or several sets of fine china to show off, but a true "working kitchen" has a lot of necessary equipment to be housed: stock pots, water bath canner and pressure canner, dehydrator, cream separator, both full and empty canning jars, and more, as well as the everyday items in normal kitchens: breadmaker, mixer and so on. I would love to have enough shelves to hold it all.

Backwoods Home magazine online has a great article on how to build a pantry.

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