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October 4, 2010

Trails, Hay, Goats, and Friends

It was a long but productive weekend.

I went trail riding with friends, all the way around the lake for the first time. It took about 2.5 hours to go all the way around. The scenery was great, the weather was great, and the company was great.

Since we went the whole way, we of course encountered "the big hill" that the ranger had told me about on the phone. It is indeed! It's actually a ravine, not a mountain-type slope. I had a little trouble with Dakota since we were last in line: he is buddy-sour and when he saw his horsey friends go over the top of the hill and disappear from sight he threw a fit. However, I rode it out. Did I have a choice? My friends said I should have gotten photos of the big hill but I reminded them that we were all otherwise engaged at the time.

As soon as Dakota and I got home, hubby and I dropped the horse trailer and went to pick up hay. We explored a few back roads on the way home to avoid the highway, and unloaded it when we got home. Sunday we took the trailer back and picked up the rest of our hay order, and visited for a few minutes with our friends.

We also sold one of our three buck goats to friends. We enjoyed visiting with them too; it had been several months since we had last seen them.

I then moved the does around and put the two remaining bucks out into the two pens with the girls for March kids. (I've always used the Due Date Calculator, but it currently isn't working. I wonder if it was only programmed through 2010? Now I have to use a calendar. By the way, it's a great website for goat owners, if you haven't yet discovered it.)

Added note: Thank you, Sue-Ellen, for the link to this due date calculator !

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