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October 8, 2010

Winter Forecast

I haven't heard anyone predict what this winter's weather will be. One of the horses is just barely starting to get a "plush" coat - she isn't fuzzy, but her coat is softer now and feels like a velvet-y blanket.

So I did what any 21st-century woman would do: I checked the internet.

Accuweather says our winter will be warmer and drier than usual.

The Farmers Almanac says it will be mild with average precipitation.

While they don't agree on the amount of precipitation, they both predict that we won't be having a cold winter, and that's good enough for me. Last winter was SO cold, and I hope we don't have another one like that for a good many years.

The links will take you to their winter forecast for the entire country, so you can check out your winter weather too. (U.S. only though, with a link to the Canadian forecast too.)

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