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November 19, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I finally finished putting up the apples from our trees. We had a great yield this year. I canned applesauce, apple juice, chopped apples in medium syrup, and brandied apple slices, plus I put several gallon bags of peels and cores into the freezer. I'll use those over the winter to make juice and then make jelly. I did not make apple pie filling this year; we have several quart jars left from last year and hubby and I are not big pie eaters. The last of the apples I peeled and sliced and put into my new dehydrator, filling all 5 trays. They filled two quart jars with dried apple slices. I'm glad I'm through with apples for the year; I'm a bit sick of looking at them.

-- The free pears are nearly finished. I canned them in pints with heavy syrup, which is how my hubby likes them best - he loves pears! I saved enough to make one batch of jam. I also added 2 gallon bags of pear peelings and cores to the freezer.

-- Hubby fixed the water barrel with the broken valve, and moved it to the side of the goat barn, where the sun shines on it and will hopefully keep it from freezing [as often] in the winter. The metal wall behind it will help too, I hope.

-- Our yearling filly had a small puncture wound on the inside of her knee which I did not see. The wound became infected and her entire leg swelled up from top to hoof. The vet put a sweat bandage on it and gave her an antibiotic shot, and we changed the dressing daily for several days and gave her a daily dose of antibiotic powder on her feed. Three days later a lot of the ick drained out and the swelling began to go down. Looks like she's on the road to recovery now, thank the Lord.

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