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November 12, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I was given two buckets of pears. They are spread out on a sheet on the floor of the mudroom to ripen.

-- Hubby and I attended the Quarter Horse World Show. We enjoy walking through the barns, watching the action in the warm-up arena, and shopping at the trade show. There is a great vendor who sells "necessaries" such as halters, ropes, brushes, etc. as well as show supplies; they are always on my must-visit list.

-- Continued making Christmas soap. I made a batch of Vanilla and another of Cranberry. The mudroom, where they are curing, smells so good - I think I'll make another batch with a combination of the two fragrances. Total made this week: 6 batches.

-- Washed our old mare's winter blanket before cold weather arrives. I hung it over the side of the truck and used a scrub brush and shampoo, then let it hang to dry. I don't expect she'll need the blanket for awhile, but it was such a good opportunity to let it dry in the sun on a warm day. The weather patterns are changing and winter is on its way.

I also scrubbed and washed the mesh fly masks. I wash those several times during the summer, whenever they get dirty. My blue-eyed cremello gelding wears his fly mask whenever it is sunny, to help prevent sunburn around his eyes.

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