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November 1, 2010

Weekend Projects

I invited a young friend over this weekend, and she happily accepted. We are good friends with her parents, and she is in my 4-H club. At 11 years old, she is not afraid to jump in and work, nor afraid of getting dirty.

Our project was to worm the goats and trim hooves. One by one, I brought the goats into the milk area, put them on the milkstand, and while I trimmed their hooves, she measured them with the weight tape, estimated how much wormer to give them, and pulled up that amount from the bottle into a syringe. I gave them the oral wormer, then walked them back to the pen. We also shaved off Wish's beard; Wish is a "nu-pine" and inherited her beard from her alpine mom. I like my does clean-shaven.

This is Faith. Please notice she is standing on my foot. She is heavy.

We removed a huge matted wad of hair from the back of one of the Pyrenees dogs.

We rode two of the horses and worked two more on the ground.

Hubby moved a round bale into the horses' pasture. Unfortunately we are already out of grass. One of these years we will fence the unfenced portion of the hayfield so the horses can winter on the grass that grows after the field is cut and baled.

I could never have accomplished all of this without her help! In return I helped her with some math homework, but I'm sure I got the better end of the bargain.

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  1. mulberry72947Oh Kathy, you are blessed beyond measure to have help like that. And you're also a blessing. You're pouring into that kid some Godly values and fun! She'll remember this all of her life.. hopefully the math help too :)


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