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December 29, 2010

2010 In Review

Here is a quick review of the past year at Oak Hill:

January – We lost the roof off the old goat barn (a converted wood-and-tin carport) to straight-line winds in a wild storm. The sheep shed ended up in the farm pond. A power pole snapped in the storm but we did not lose power. At the end of the month we had an ice storm, and that time our power was out for 68½ hours.

February – We held a “junk party”: we had to tear down the old garage in order to put up a new goat barn. The old building was full of “junk”, so we invited friends to come take what they wanted, right down to the wiring and outlets. A good portion of it disappeared that day. Through this event we met a young couple living not far from us; the husband helped us move the rest of our belongings into another building, then he took off the roof of the garage so he could reuse the materials, and helped us pull up the brick floor. We are reusing the bricks elsewhere.

March – We hired a bulldozer to tear down the old garage, remove several trees (the old barn roof was hanging in two of the trees), and level out the pad for the new goat barn. We bought a used tractor. On the first day of spring we had a sleet/snow storm, and one of our horses cut his leg and hoof quite badly; we had the vet come out. We had kids and lambs born.

April – Soccer season. The new goat barn was built.

May – A major tornado hit north of us, and affected several people we know. A week later, a hail storm hit OKC and totaled our son’s car. All the north-facing windows in his apartment complex were broken. Here at Oak Hill Homestead we had pea-size hail. We had advance warning, so we put the car in the new still-empty barn and covered the truck with cardboard, old comforters and a tarp. (The photo is of hail, not snow! Note the shredded leaves.)

June – Our youngest daughter graduated from our homeschool high school. We built the stalls in the horse barn. Taffy, Dream’s daughter, came home to spend the summer here at Oak Hill; her owner needed to downsize temporarily. I hauled two horses to Ardmore for the 4-H District Horse Show. Our granddaughter came to spend 6 weeks with us.

July – Daughter K and I went trail riding at a nearby lake. One of our older daughters came to visit for a few days. Both daughters and our granddaughter went home together: K is living with them while attending college.

August – Our son suffered extreme heat stroke while on exercises with his National Guard unit, and spent six days in the hospital; half of those were in ICU. Later in the month, my goat herd came down with viral pneumonia. We lost a buckling and Lily, a yearling doe. Our neighbor cut and baled our hayfield.

September – Our county fair and horse show. Because of the goat pneumonia I did not show goats this year, but I did participate in the horse show, placing first in Showmanship and second in the Trail class.

October – Put the buck goats in with the does for spring kids. Trail rides at the lake with friends. Hubby, son and I attended the OKC Barons hockey team inaugural season opener.

November – A ride at the lake with our 4H horse club members. Hubby finished building the stalls in the goat barn. The pasture fencing isn’t finished yet, but the barn is able to be used this winter and when the does kid. We bought a bottle calf.

December – Dream, one of my oldest goats, died. Her granddaughter Imagine came back to be bred. I watched and photographed the lunar eclipse. Hubby laid the brick floor in his new workshop, using the bricks from the old garage.

On the surface it sounds like we had a very bad year, but it was punctuated with blessings. I am so grateful that the Lord watched over our son. Our daughter graduated, and our homeschool adventure has ended. We were able to go trail riding together twice before she left for college. Pneumonia claimed two goats, but with God’s grace the rest of my small herd survived. I am thankful that I now have a goat barn. Dream died, but she left a legacy of daughters and granddaughters. And I’m thankful for all of you readers who have shared my adventures this year.

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