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December 6, 2010


A very important part of my goat first aid kit is information. I have a series of pages printed out with important information from various sources. The papers fit on the side of my first aid container by Rubbermaid and are always handy.

One sheet has a chart of medications and the recommended dosages for goats. The other has a wealth of information on it: normal stats for goats, where to give injections, a weight chart, and more. (These are copyrighted by the original authors/artists, of course, so I won't give you a copy of the sheets I made and use.)

I printed and cut out each part, enlarged or reduced as needed, and pasted them on a master sheet so that I used every available inch. I then photocopied the page. I keep an additional copy in my goat notebook.

Though I haven't done it yet, I plan to laminate the copy in my kit, with the pages back-to-back. I've found this personalized and specific information invaluable on many occasions.

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