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December 24, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- One year ago today we were having a blizzard. Hubby brought one of the young cats inside for the duration of the storm, but she [and her younger half-brother] are now indoor cats. Tink took to indoor life immediately and is a sweet lap-cat. Colby is definitely still a kitten; he loves playing bathtub soccer.

-- I've been cleaning the house and getting ready for the holidays. Hubby shampooed the carpets.

-- Made the pie crusts for Christmas dinner, plus a few extras to keep in the freezer. I use the food processor to make them, so it's very quick and easy - the hardest part was getting out the food processor and then washing it after I was finished. I put the balls of dough, wrapped, in the refrigerator to chill and will roll them out today and bake the pies. I might have to hide them so the guys won't eat them right away.

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