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December 31, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
- Jane Austen

This week...

-- Made pie crusts for the freezer

-- Packaged mixes for my breadmaker: Oatmeal bread and Herb bread.

-- Packaged cake mixes. Then I made a cake. :smile:

-- Made several chili seasoning mixes. I need to buy more garlic salt and cayenne pepper.

-- Dehydrated red onions. The mudroom, where I keep my dehydrator, still smells.

-- I'm taking stock of the year, looking back at my goals and making new ones. (There are plenty of websites detailing "how to set goals" if you need some inspiration.) Many items on my to-do list have been checked off, but for some reason the list isn't getting any shorter!

-- Because we live on a dirt road, we often hear stones hit the windshield when we are following another vehicle. Although we didn't see a chip after we heard the sound the other day, yesterday we found a 4" crack in the truck's windshield. :sigh: This is the second cracked windshield this year; the other was on our daughter's car. If/when we find a chip, we have it fixed right away to prevent a crack, but both times the windshield has simply cracked.


  1. I see you dehydrated red onions, do you find it makes a difference what color or kind of onions work best for dehydrating? We did some this week too,and they do smell strong!!!

  2. I have dehydrated both yellow and red onions and I think both dry equally well. I've found if I dehydrate them as soon as I buy them they are less smelly than if I wait awhile. I definitely waited with these!


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