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January 14, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We spent most of the week preparing for the cold snap, and then several days hauling water to the livestock and breaking ice with the sledge hammer. The new tank heater is a blessing, although the water was frozen the first cold morning. Hubby changed the extension cord and plugged it into a different outlet, and the water has been unfrozen since then. I can tell by Dakota's muddy front legs that he has been drinking from the pond too, breaking the ice with his hooves, but I've seen all of the horses up at the trough with the heater.

-- Made four quarts of turkey stock from our Thanksgiving turkey; the carcass has been in the freezer. Going through the "solids" after the stock was strained, I pulled out all the little bones and gristly things and froze the meat, and a little broth to hold it together, in muffin tins for dog food portions. Making stock warmed up the house nicely.

-- I dropped the tailgate of our hay trailer - a 2'x4' sheet of 1" thick plywood - on my foot from 2 feet up; it slipped out of my gloved hands. Thank goodness I was wearing my work boots, but I still was reeling in pain for awhile. I can now walk with just a little limp, but it still hurt for several days and is now a lovely shade of light purple.


  1. I know you made a remark on one of your past posts that you were afraid of the tank heater malfunctioning. While they're pretty tough and can last you years, my neighbor's shorted out and shocked her yesterday and it knocked her on her butt! Just remember that if you're going to be messing with the tank or the heather, to unplug it while you're near it. Also - if your horses stop drinking from it even tho the ice is thawed, it's probably shorting out. I swear our cows can sense the electric current because they'll just stare at the tank if the heater is shorting (or maybe they just got shocked!).

  2. Good tips, thank you!


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