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January 21, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- The cows went home.

-- The male housecat was neutered. Poor baby, he was still pretty "out of it" when I brought him home, but he was better after a good night's sleep.

-- Hubby found what we think is July's escape route from the pasture into the hayfield. He performed some fence maintenance and we hope that the horse will now stay put. Evidently July went over the fence the night before the ice/snow storm; he was waiting at the gate for me in the morning and even nickered at me to hurry up. He was covered in tiny icicles and snow.

Now that that section of fence is fixed, we hoped that was his last adventure. But, guess who is grazing in the hayfield this morning? We have snow on the ground though, so I'm going to walk the fenceline and see if I can discover his secret...

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