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January 28, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week...

-- Our second lamb arrived on 1/22; the last lamb was born on 1/27.

-- A few weeks ago I made bread mixes and a cake mix. The cake mix became my birthday cake earlier this week, and I've used several of the bread mixes. It is so much easier to use a mix, and I've made bread a lot more often.

-- We met our son in the City for my birthday lunch/dinner, then attended a hockey game.

-- Such glorious weather this week! We finished up some projects and prepared for the next cold snap (this coming Monday and Tuesday). I hope that will be the last of the really cold weather. While the rest of the country has received record snowfall, we've had a cold and dry winter. Last year, at the end of January, we had our big ice storm. While I would welcome precipitation - we really need rain - I really don't want an ice storm!

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