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January 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

Remember the two black angus cows in our yard early last week? They were out by the mailbox, and then ambled down the road.

On Saturday afternoon I went out to feed and found two black cows in our hayfield - probably the same two (below), still at large. I called a neighbor to see if they were his, but he said he isn't missing any and doesn't have any cows on the leased land adjoining our place right now. He said he'd call Mr. X who leases land across the road from us. Mr. X had recently had a stroke and someone else has been feeding his cattle for him; I imagine it would be easy to not notice that two cows are missing if you are feeding someone else's cows and might not know how many there should be.
(All of the cow photos were taken with my phone, so the quality is rather poor.)

On Sunday morning they were both still in the hayfield, munching away. I can see that they have yellow eartags. At least they aren't creating any problems, other than upsetting my dogs. Hubby called another neighbor; they're not his either and he seconds the first neighbor's guess that they belong to the man who had the stroke. And yes, they are the same cows, and have been loose for over a week. Supposedly they had calves with them when they first got out, but there are no calves in my hayfield.

Sunday afternoon our daughter's horse July was in the hayfield grazing next to the cows. I guess he figured if they were in the hayfield then he had permission to be there too. I couldn't find his "hole" through the fence, but he willingly came through the gate to be fed. The cows had been here long enough to know where the pond is when they were thirsty.

Sunday evening - cows and July in the hayfield.

Monday morning - cows and July in the hayfield.

Hubby went to town this morning and passed two more loose cows (orange eartags) on the road. When he came home, those two cows are now on our property too. Evidently the hole in our fence is near the front.

We have to laugh: when we first moved here our new neighbors - all of them - were not happy that we had goats. Goats always get out, they said. Goats are always on someone else's property. Hmmm.

We did call the sheriff over the weekend to report the "found cows". Today we will put a note on the gate where we think they belong.

- - -

I've been asked if the missing horses from down the road have been found, but I don't know; we haven't seen either the horses or the young man who was looking for them.

Norm, one of the Pyrenees, flopped down in a pile of loose hay I was forking out of the trailer to feed the horses. Before I took this photo, one of the cats had joined him, but the cat is camera-shy and fled the scene. (I haven't removed the tailgate of the trailer since the day I dropped it on my foot - I'm not going to do that again!)

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  1. Hope your foot is feeling better...I don't blame you for wanting to avoid that accident again.


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