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February 18, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

In the past two weeks:

-- Hubby originally thought I'd burned out the clutch on the utility vehicle (UTV) when I got stuck in a snow drift, but the drive belt had broken instead. We went on a wild goose chase looking for a belt at all the local auto parts stores as well as looking online. We had to order directly from the company at $60 - and it's back-ordered. Later, one of the auto parts stores called back to say they had located the part and ordered it for us. Although it cost even MORE, it came sooner so that we could get my vehicle running again - feeding time is so much easier, even though the vehicle now has a few more quirks. Driving it is interesting.

-- We had to buy round bales of hay. Everyone we know is worried, hoping that their hay will last the winter; consumption has been at least twice as fast as usual with the very cold weather. We are having a very dry winter and spring is also predicted to be dry, which means a bad hay year ahead - and high fire danger. Not a good outlook.

-- Last Friday I noticed that Faith's udder was noticeably bigger. I looked on my calendar for the date I'd separated my does into two groups and put the bucks in with them. I have breeding dates for most of the girls but some were bred without fanfare, including Faith. The first possible due date is March 2. Goats can deliver up to 5 days early or late, so the earliest kidding date should be February 25, still two weeks away at that point. But it was a reminder to get the kidding kit ready.

-- Grace delivered twins 13 days early. The buckling weighed 4 lbs, the doeling 3 lbs 4 oz. I had the opportunity to learn how to tube feed. Their lungs were just not well-enough developed at that stage, and they both died; the doeling lived 24 hours, the buckling about 12 hours. I did add them to the counter on the sidebar. I just hope and pray that this isn't how my kidding season will go.

-- We've set another weather record. In Nowata during the week of February 10-17, they experienced the largest within-a-week temperature swing ever in Oklahoma's recorded weather history:
On 2/10 the low temperature was -31° F
On 2/17 the high temperature was 79° F
A difference of 110°

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about your kids. My Moonpie is due March 8th and I'm already watching her like a hawk as this will be my first kidding experience.
    That's quite a temperature swing!


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