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March 7, 2011

Bucks, Old and Young

My senior herd sire is Honor, the big red-and-white buck in the middle.

Honor will be three years old this spring. His yearling daughters have the most gorgeous ears, and are some of the best doe kids born here on the homestead, with long, straight bodies and nice dairy character.

The spotted yearling is Old Paths Arabian Night, known as Spots. Such a gorgeous boy, isn't he? His ears could be longer, but my girls have good ears so I'm sure their kids will also. He has lots of milk in his pedigree; I'm hoping that he will increase milk production in his daughters.

The black yearling is Journey. He has white "lacing" around the edges of his black ears; I've never seen this on a goat before. We're not expecting any kids by Journey this year.

I'm impatiently waiting for this year's kids.

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  1. Me too! This will be my first year kidding. The only doe I have kidding this spring was due yesterday (so I thought), but she's holding out on me. The anticipation is killing me, but I'm still in the learning curve. ..


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