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March 9, 2011

Kidding Season Begins

Last Wednesday I went outside for my first-light barn check, and opened the barn door just in time to see the first of Faith's twin doelings born.

I'd been keeping a close eye on Faith because last year she had her single doe kid on the coldest night of the year and the baby died. I wasn't sure what kind of a mother she was going to be. She also had quite a hard plug in each teat, so I wanted to be there to clear her teats if needed so her kids could nurse.

It turned out that I worried for nothing: she's a super mother. That first day she stood so still so the kids could find a teat and nurse.

When I checked on them at 10:00 pm she had them tucked right next to her.

Most of Honor's kids look pretty much alike: some shade of brown with a white "belt" around the middle. The older twin has a belt all the way around, and a big white star on her forehead. The younger is belted on one side, and does not have white on her face.

I'm planning to keep the older doeling; the younger is for sale.

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  1. Congrats! It's always such a relief when everything turns out alright! Cute babies.


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