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March 11, 2011


Last Friday night Lavender had twins: a doe and a buck. They are both black, a matched set.

Honor is their sire also. The doe has the white belt on one side that is typical of Honor's kids, the buckling does not.

The picture above is the buckling; the photo below is the doeling. She really didn't want to cooperate for the camera, but the buck is very photogenic.

I'm planning to keep the doeling; the buckling is for sale.

Here they are at four days old:

The buckling is above, the doeling is below.


  1. Handsome lil' critters! The doeling does show herself off quite well in the last pic, even for being camera-shy. I'm still waiting on mine to make their appearance. . .

  2. What a great looking pair! I'm sure that little boy will find a fast home.


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