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March 14, 2011

More Kids

And then it was Splendor's turn... Another boy/girl set of twins.

I realized that I've only ever had two sets of girl twins. Usually they are boy/girl, but I've had more boy/boy sets than girl/girl.

This is the doeling at eight hours old. I worried about her for over a day, but then she perked up and hasn't looked back since. Maybe she was just a slow starter.

Friends and I thought she just might be cold, so I made her a sweater from a green fleece jacket that my friend Carol sent me for this purpose some time ago. She said she looked at this jacket and envisioned goat kids in green kid coats! In this photo the kid is 36 hours old.

I cut off the sleeve of the jacket, and made holes for her front legs, plus cut the tummy area a bit so it wouldn't irritate her navel. Her head is sticking through the wrist area of the sleeve. In case you have trouble figuring out how to get it on the kid: put their front legs through the back end of the sleeve and through the leg holes, then pull it up over the head. Yes, it's rather like a turtleneck and she didn't like it, but once it was on she seemed to warm up and feel better. It's snug around the tummy and won't fit for more than a few days, but the goat coats I'd made a few years ago were swimmingly big on these five-pound babies.

Her brother is a bruiser! In fact, he has been stealing most of the milk. I think he'll go play with the other kids for a portion of each day so the doeling can have her mamma to herself for a few hours.

They are Splendor's first kids. She was a bit overwhelmed by the two strange little creatures that kept crying and following her around, but she did get the hang of it after awhile.

Splendor is 1/4 boer. The twins' sire is Spots, and they are his first kids (other than the preemies that died). He is spotted, Splendor is spotted... you'd think the kids would have spots too, wouldn't you?


  1. Cute! It's funny that Splendor is 1/4 Boer and the buckling is the opposite of typical boer coloring - lighter head w/ darker body.
    Yea, I'd have thought spots too, or even more Boer pattern since it tends to be dominant.
    Either way - good-lookin' babies!

  2. Love our goat coats!! It really seems to help keep their body heat in. I am always on the look out for old sweatshirts.


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