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April 8, 2011

Friday Follow-up

This week:

-- Trey, the rooster, is happily living in the goat barn. He's never left the storage area where I first put him, even though there is a gap in the corner where the cats come and go. He must like having chicken feed to himself, his own water dish, and sharing the cats' food. He crows merrily every morning. The goat barn is much closer to the house than the chicken coop is. I imagine that our daughter will notice that when she is home from college this summer - her room is closest to the goat barn!

-- Hubby continues to work on the bathroom/hallway floor.

-- I've been "fixing things" - the chicken coop door, restapling the bottom of the fencing in the chickens' run, cleaning up the front yard of bones the dogs have brought home and trash that blew in on the wind, pulling weeds (and giving them to the goats).

-- I'm also decluttering the house. Two years ago my only aunt died, then my father died, then my uncle died. So many heirlooms and photos and memorabilia ended up at my little house, and I wasn't really able to deal with it emotionally for a long time. I'm working on those messy corners and stacks of boxes now, a little at a time as I'm able.

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