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April 15, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We replanted the peach and nectarine trees that have been in pots since we tore down the garage and put up the goat barn last spring.

-- I found a nest of newborn kittens in the goat barn Saturday night. Hubby had just spent that morning closing up the hole the cats used to get under the house - whew, just in time!

-- We've had a stretch of beautiful weather, and I've been spending the evenings following the horses around with my camera, getting some amazing photos.

-- I'm concerned about our lack of rain though. Beautiful weather is great, but we need rain desperately. Our pasture is coming in slowly; by now there should be enough to sustain the horses but we are still feeding hay. Will there be enough grass in the hayfield this year? In drought years hay is hard to buy and very expensive.

UPDATE: Last night we had storms roll through, with a couple of tornadoes touching down both north and south of us. We were sort of between thunderstorms; we got 15 minutes of rain and pea-sized hail, thunder and lightning. Total rainfall: 0.04".

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