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April 22, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We met my brother for lunch. Several times a year we meet about halfway - he and his family live in Texas. He brought two bins full of cookbooks and kitchen notebooks that our aunt had bequeathed to him when she passed away two years ago; they had belonged to our aunt and grandma. My sister-in-law had copied the recipes she wanted, and now it is my turn.

-- I went on a benefit trail ride for a local horse rescue. What fun this was! The day started out chilly but ended up warm and beautiful. Six of us from our 4H club participated, along with 65 other riders. It was our first ride of the season though and I was sore and tired afterwards.

-- And after the ride I drove home and backed the trailer up into its place next to the barn! Woo hoo! Hubby was at work and I did it all by myself. I laugh when I remember that when we moved to Oak Hill Homestead, I did not even drive a pick-up truck. Just look at me now! (I rode horses as a child and teen, but my parents and grandparents did the hauling duties back then.)

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