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April 29, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We've had close to two and a half inches of rain this week! On Sunday we had over an inch and a half, which was almost too much at once, but I am so thankful that we have [hopefully] broken the drought. Rain totals are according to our nearest town. My rain gauge broke some time ago and hasn't yet been replaced.

-- We began redoing the riding pen and are about half-finished. The west end sloped down rather steeply and I don't hug the fence there when I ride, so we've shortened that end of it to avoid the slope and are making it more square than the egg-shape it was.

-- Moved the chick brooder into the barn and put our new chicks in it. They were in the mudroom for a few days and I've remembered how messy and stinky they are!

-- My big orange tomcat disappeared during the rainstorms. I was hoping he was just hunkered down someplace dry, but he's been missing for several days now. You can see Sam in this post.

-- Trey, the rooster, is now spending most of his time in the goats' area of the barn. Last night when I made my pre-bedtime check, the goats and the rooster jumped up when I opened the door... Trey was sleeping among the does!

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