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April 6, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

On a dark and misty day last week I took a walk through the woods. For years I've bemoaned the fact that we don't have any redbuds on our land, but this year I spotted two. From a distance, I decided which one would be the easiest to get to, and waited for a sunny day to go take photos. But the days continued dark and dreary and finally I decided to go anyway, for fear that the blooms would be gone by the time the sun came back out.

As I walked through the pasture I noticed that the arrow-leaf clover is up in some places...

... and the yarrow is beginning to grow.

My "patch" of lambs quarters is growing too.

Through the hayfield I walked, and over to the edge of the ravine. I stepped over these little flowers.

And then I made a discovery: there are LOTS of redbud trees! They are young, and they are growing over the edge of the ravine, so they aren't visible from where I was looking.

Someday I'll go hiking down in this very deep ravine, but I won't go alone and we'll be armed with more than a camera. There are feral hogs running in the ravine, as well as coyotes, and an occasional bobcat and perhaps cougar, not to mention snakes.

Sam, the ginger cat, went with me this day. He'll be so much protection against those feral hogs.

I've always thought the ravine is a very picturesque spot. It's a different view in the spring than it is in the summer when I spend more time out there.

And the redbuds are gorgeous.

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