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May 4, 2011


Friends of ours gave us 8 chicks from eggs they'd incubated.

They are fathered by an americauna rooster, so some of the pullets might lay green eggs when they get to laying age. Of course, the chicks are straight-run. Roughly half are pullets - hopefully. Any roosters will live in the goat barn with Trey, the buff orpington, and can forage in the yard for ticks and other bugs. Our dogs have been very good about ignoring Trey since he moved to the barn.

After few days we moved the 4'x4' chick brooder into the barn and moved the chicks from their bin in the mudroom.

Since we were already "in for a penny" hubby figured we might as well buy a few pullet chicks too. He stopped at the feed store and bought 6 americauna pullets. It's amazing how quickly the first batch of chicks has grown already, compared to the new little ones.

We have two half-americauna hens in the chicken coop right now. They are almost five years old and not laying regularly anymore, but both of them lay green eggs (which is how I know they don't lay very often). The other four hens, a cuckoo marans and 3 production reds, lay brown eggs. The youngest of our hens is 3 years old so it's definitely time to add some youngsters to the flock. From six old hens we are currently getting 3-4 eggs a day.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Still not bad egg production for six old hens. I have yet to decide what we'll do when our chickens get old. I imagine, since ours are pets, we'll just let them live out their days. We have three now and plan to get three next spring.

  2. I agree. That production sounds good for their age. Still you are feeding almost twice the hens for eggs you get, and you would get twice as much with younger ones. We used to have Ameraucanas. Sold them early this spring. I'd like to get in some more. Congratulations on your little bird population. One of my favorites is Cuckoo Maran, but they aren't expert layers. Blessings to you and yours.


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