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May 2, 2011


Two weeks ago we lost the door to the horse barn in a typical Oklahoma windstorm that lasted several days.

The new horse barn, summer 2009

It had been swaying in the wind for months, ever since a horse used the edge of the door to, ummm, scratch an itch near his tail. He pushed the end of the door off the track and it was hanging by only one roller instead of two.

Since we've never closed the barn door in the two years since we had the barn built, we aren't planning to rehang or replace it. Which is good, since a horse has been walking on it where it laid on the ground. The horse shall remain nameless, since I'm not positive which one it is, although I have an opinion.

We thought the roller just came off the track and the door fell down on the ground, but while disassembing the door we noticed the damage to the edge of the roof trim. Evidently it swung up into the air and hit the edge of the barn roof a few times before it actually let go and fell, which would explain why it landed face up instead of face down. It looks as though the bolt holding the roller to the door broke in half; the roller is still up there on the track.

So... it was laying in the barnyard for nearly two weeks while we tried to decide what to do about it, while Dakota a horse walked on it a few times. The weather was too windy (and the door too heavy) for the two of us to pick it up and move it somewhere, and where could we put it where it wouldn't be picked up and sail away on the wind, causing even more damage? Finally hubby decided he'd take it apart.

I wish I'd been able to get a photo of Dakota standing on the door watching hubby remove the screws, but he made hubby nervous and I moved him off before realizing I could use my phone to snap a photo or two. I've always said that horse will cross anything.

So the barn will remain doorless. I'm very thankful that no horse was in the way when the door fell. Can you imagine being inside the barn when it swung around, hit the roof, and then fell?


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Sad about the door but a great story. Maybe Dakota would like the add the door to his stall for a little decor!

  2. Yikes! Thank the Lord Jesus He protected everyone. It is such a blessing to see His Care for us. Hope that horse don't get in trouble! :) May Jesus bless ya'll.


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