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May 20, 2011

Follow-Up Friday

This week:

- We said goodbye to our oldest dog. Hershey was 14 years old, a chocolate lab cross who adopted us when our son was 7 and our daughter 5. She'd been failing for awhile so it was no shock, but it's never easy to lose a dear old friend. It's been particularly hard on our now-grown children. Many of our animals are old and it's hard to think of them leaving us too.

- Still waiting for Treasure to kid. Yes, I wrote down the wrong breeding date!

- Hubby and I fixed the front fence where the horses have been pulling it down. We topped the existing field fencing with a strand of barbed wire, the only fence type that our escape artist will respect.

- Hubby mowed the clover & weeds, and trimmed an overhanging tree in the newly-rearranged riding pen, so I have been riding on nice days. "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." ~ Winston Churchill

- Our horses all had a pedicure. I've started giving Dakota a hoof supplement recommended by the farrier. He has very soft hooves; I hope this makes a difference although it might take up to six months to see improvement.

- Trey has been happily living as my yard rooster, until yesterday when he went through the gate into the barnyard and from there, found the chicken coop. Time will tell if he will stay put in the front yard or will insist on being near the hens and his arch enemy, Samson. Loose chickens in the barnyard disappear mysteriously, so I hope he will be content in the goat barn and front yard. He went willingly into the goat barn at dusk last night.

- We watched a grey fox cross the road in front of us as we drove to town one day. No wonder we've lost chickens, ducks, guineas, two geese, and many cats. I've always blamed the coyotes, but maybe they had help. (I still blame the coyotes for the loss of my cats though.)

- I took a bad fall while feeding last night. I am so very thankful that I wasn't hurt worse - I could have broken something - but this morning I am just stiff and sore.

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  1. I am praying for you to feel better. I took a bad toss/fall last night wrestling to milk a stubborn old lady on our farm. She and I both fell down, but I am thankful neither of us have any breaks. Praise be to Jesus! My sympathy on the loss of your friend. My dog passed in 2007. I still miss him dearly. Blessings.


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