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May 27, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- Monday morning the hens and Samson the rooster were loose in the buck goats' pen. I discovered a big hole in their fenced run. They are confined to the coop until I can get that fixed. Chicken wire is good for keeping chickens in, but not for keeping goats out. The bucks like to stand with their hooves on the fence, wishing they could get inside and help eat the chicken feed.

- I went outside Tuesday afternoon and found one of the buck goats in the woods behind the buck pen. I stopped for a moment to figure out the easiest way to get him back in: should I go to that gate down there, or try to get him over the low spot in the fence in the back pen? About that time he came around the chicken coop IN the buck pen. He either went over or under the fence back there, and was letting himself out and back in again. I decided to move them all into the calf's now-empty pen for awhile. Bonus: it's closer to the goat barn for feeding purposes.

- My leg continues to improve after last week's fall. It is still a bit swollen and is now purple and green. My knee is still tender to touch. An online friend told me to apply a poultice of herbs which has helped tremendously. I can't imagine how bad it would be if I hadn't been doing this. She said: In a bowl, place comfrey and any other anti-inflamatory herbs like calendula, chamomile, wild rose, yarrow, etc. Wet the herbs with witch hazel, then wrap them in a cloth and apply to the injured area for about 20 minutes or more, every two hours if possible, but at least several times a day.

- The pear vinegar is "working"! It reminds me of sourdough starter.

- Sometime ago I made several packets of Two-Minute Fruit Crisp; I have quite a few quart jars of apple pie filling that need to be used up, plus several quart zipper bags in the freezer. I sort of stopped making desserts when our daughter left for college - I've been swamped with the chores without her help and have been too tired to do much extra. I rediscovered the pie filling and packets of crisp mix recently when cleaning out a cupboard, and whipped one up. So quick, simple and easy when you have the packets pre-made, and it was delicious.

- My prayers are with those in Joplin, MS who lost so much in the devastating tornado, and for those here in Oklahoma who were affected by Tuesday's tornadoes.

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  1. Amen... still praying for your recovery! May Jesus bless!


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