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June 3, 2011

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- Our son turned 22. Where does the time go?

- One evening I forgot to make sure that Trey the rooster was in the goat barn before I shut it for the night. Fortunately he lived to tell about it. After that I made an effort not to do it again, but last night I forgot again. When I let the dogs out before bedtime they saw him wandering around in the yard light and barked at him, so I went out and herded him into the barn.

- We saw the first fireflies of summer, and heard the first whirring, buzzing insect.

- One of the bucklings went to a new home.

- I'm still waiting for Treasure to kid! In the mornings when I milk, she lays down with the two dry yearlings and grunts as she breathes. Her sides bounce and heave with the kids' movements. It's quite funny to watch. I tried to take some photos of how big she is but of course if I get close she pulls herself awkwardly to her feet.

- I must get that chicken run fence repaired so I can move the chicks out of the brooder; they stink!

- Hubby finished redoing the flooring in the guest bathroom, hallway, and living room. When we moved the bookcases I emptied the shelves and culled a few books to give away. Things have been put back away now and we can say that project is finished. I'm working on the spare room now, to get ready for our granddaughter's annual summer visit.

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