A Slice of My Life: Wildflowers

Late spring wildflowers...

One of the dogs and Blue the cat accompanied me
on a walk down the old oil road.

I'd gone down the road a few days earlier on horseback and realized that the wild roses were in bloom AND that we had a patch of Indian blanket, Oklahoma's state wildflower, so I went back with my camera for photos.

A few days after my photo trek, I again went down the road on horseback. The Indian blanket and the echinacea had both gone to seed already. I'm glad I didn't wait to go take photos.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Oh the Lord's Handiwork is marvellous. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Very beautiful.

  3. Your wildflowers article made me long for TX... again! :)


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