A Slice of My Life

A few years ago our big mimosa tree was hit by lightning and had to be cut down. I still want to dig up a small tree and replace the old one. They grow wild here, an invasive weed of sorts! I think the flowers smell heavenly.


  1. So lovely. Mimosa trees are so beautiful. One of ours also got struck by lightning. We have yet to cut it down, because it's on the edge of the pond, and we don't have a tractor right now. If it fell the wrong way, boy! would we have a problem! but we definitely miss it's blooms, and it's lovely hummingbird families.
    But across from it is another tree, still healthy, and we have one along our drive.
    I think they are my favorite type of flowering tree.
    The Lord Jesus is Good!

  2. Ours that was hit by lightning had shaded the mailbox for decades. A friend once told me it was the biggest, oldest mimosa she'd ever seen. I miss the shade and the scent of the flowers when I go to the mailbox on summer afternoons. :-)

  3. your blog is nice and informative... i mean its all about appreciation of life!.... indeed, life is beautiful!....

  4. Thank you, Feiane, and welcome!


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