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June 1, 2011

Yard Bird

Trey is my yard rooster.

Now that he's loose I've realized that he is missing the end of one toe on his right foot. Perhaps it froze and fell off.

He's lost parts of his comb over several winters to frostbite, but it looks great now. The "fingers" that stick up have frozen and fallen off. Chicken owners in colder parts of the country often prefer rose-combed birds that won't have this proclivity to frostbite.

Trey is the last of my buff orpingtons. At one time I had a chicken coop full, and showed them at the county fair. I didn't name the hens other than a generic "Goldy" since they all looked alike, but since I had one rooster at a time, they ended up with names of a sort. Senior was my first rooster, his son was Junior, and Trey is the third generation.

Some evenings I have to herd him into the goat barn; other times he puts himself to bed. Trey spends part of his day in the front yard, the rest of his time in the barnyard, yearning over the mixed-breed hens that he lost to Samson, the younger barred rock rooster.


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I have to laugh as my husband is Trey. We just purchased our first Buff Orpington chick yesterday. She has been named Dorothy!

  2. I like that. :) That's very nice. I like roosters. I know what you mean about names. Some just kind of pick up names, we had one called Roosty... we always knickname certain chickens if we need to refer to them, like roosty (the only one we had at the time), and pearl (the only white Ameraucana!)... all the best!

  3. Alexis, I often think of you and your husband when I'm herding Trey back into the barn at night. LOL

    Carra, aren't names funny? I had a Polish rooster named Beethoven because he crowed the first five notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.


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