Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We bought a trailer-load of hay "in the field" from our bermuda hay guy.

-- Friends who live a few miles away disbudded Treasure's kid, Blaze. I've never had one done so early before. He was 6 days old; the woman who used to do it for me liked to wait till they are nearly 3 weeks old. It was easier on the kid, less wiggling, crying, and I think it was a much cleaner job too.

-- And Blaze is nursing now! He was 9 days old when I saw him nurse for the first time. I still offered a bottle that day, but by that evening he was refusing them completely. She is nursing his exclusively now, and he literally bounces through the day as though he has springs on his feet. Hurray!

-- We've had record-breaking heat this week with several days over 100°. We had a little bit of badly-needed rain on Tuesday.

-- The chickens were all out in the goat yard one morning. I fixed the new "hole" in their fence, and coaxed them back in with feed. (They cannot free-range; we have too many predators.)

-- Four of the kittens have gone to new homes.

-- I've found TWO dead, half-eaten rats in the goat barn this week. Eeek! I don't know if the mama cats caught these and brought them in for the kittens, or if a kitten caught the one she was eating - and she was letting the others know they'd better not try to take it away from her.

-- I've been watching these YouTube videos one at a time. (We have a daily internet limit so I can't have a marathon, even if I had time.)


  1. Bravo for the hay! It's less expensive to get it from the field.

    We usually wait about 2 weeks on our kids. Do yours often work on the 3 weeks?

    Congrats and praise the Lord for Blaze! :)

    Stay cool!Those were nice videos.
    All the best!

  2. Carra: the woman who used to disbud my kids at 3 weeks usually had good success, although the bucklings were more prone to scurs of course. This spring someone else did my kids at 3 weeks and just this week I'm noticing some little scurs on a doeling. Blaze was done by another person at just 6 days old. So far it looks like a real nice clean burn. Time will tell...


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