Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.

-- I took my oldest goat, Mercy, to a 4-H daycamp that focused on dairy products. The children came outside to see us, learn about dairy goats, and pet her. Mercy spent the time eating a small tree that was growing up against the foundation of the old stone building at the fairgrounds. It took some convincing to get her in the backseat of the truck to go, but she hopped right back in to go home.

-- I'm cleaning the house in preparation for our daughter M and her family's visit.


  1. Hey there!
    Congrats on your anniversary! What a blessing!

    And that sounds great with your goat. :) Children always love them... thanks for sharing! ;) It was a blessing to me.

    Be careful in your cleaning. It's hot here!
    Be blessed, Carra

  2. Thank you, Carra. And I will be careful; it's hot here too!


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