Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- One morning as I finished the chores I heard a quack. I don't have ducks anymore; the coyotes got them all some time ago. Then I heard it again, but thought it might be a goose flying overhead. I stood still to listen and watch, and finally saw a blue heron fly over me, calling to its mate behind it. I don't know if I've ever heard a heron call before; it was interesting to realize that it sounds rather like a duck. I love blue herons, but they no longer stop at our pond because our pyrenees dogs hate large birds and chase them away.

-- We had a bit of rain this week. Any drop of rain is welcome! It lasted about 45 minutes, then rained for a short time during the night, and a little more in the morning.

-- I nearly lost my best (and favorite) yearling goat in an accident this week. Eve stuck her head through the fence to moon at the bucks in another pen... and then stuck her head back in through the next opening, and was well and truly stuck with her neck bent. I heard her bellow, and ran outside to check the source. I found her hanging from the fence with her tongue out; I don't think she would have lasted much longer. I prayed for help getting her out of the fence; I was afraid I was going to break her neck but the alternative was her dying anyway, so I pushed and pulled and finally got her head out through the first hole and then the second hole. She staggered off a few steps, unable to walk straight. Her mouth was bloody, her face was swollen, but by evening she was better and ate her dinner. I'm so thankful that I found her in time and was able to get her loose. I hope she will make a full recovery, but she is still standing off by herself, and is afraid of me now - perhaps she associates me with the pain of being freed, or is too sore to be touched.

-- And of course I immediately fixed that fence, replacing the cattle panel with the 4x4" holes with goat fencing that has 2x4" openings!

-- We sure enjoyed our daughter M's visit with her husband, and our granddaughter's stay with us. We visited the Science Museum, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the mall, and more. I sent them home with several dozen eggs (M always asks if I have extras!), several jars of home-canned fruit and jelly, and some frozen plum puree so she can make more sweet & sour plum sauce. (We only had about half a dozen plums on the tree this year, but last year I froze several extra quarts.) I was very disappointed that our youngest daughter K decided at the last minute that she should stay home and work instead of come along to visit us.

-- M's husband helped move the bales of hay from our flatbed trailer to the barn one morning. Now we can go buy more as soon as we find some!

-- On their last day here, we made prime rib. I'd never cooked it before but M had, so she was in charge. This was from the side of beef we'd bought some time ago; there have been several cuts that I'd never made before so I've been "stretched" outside of my experience and have learned some new skills. The prime rib was wonderful.


  1. That's a beautiful post... you've had a wonderful and busy week.
    Be blessed. :)
    Love Carra

  2. PS... so sorry about the goat... I'm praying she will get well all the way.
    Love Carra


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