Rooster Talk

What does your rooster say? A generic cock-a-doodle-do or something more profound?

Trey (above) said "wait for meeeeee!!" Just three notes instead of the usual 4-5 that roosters usually crow.

We had four Polish roos for awhile, just for decoration and entertainment. Each said something different. I named this one Beethoven because he crowed the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Buster was a buff cochin roo who used to say my first and last name, a 4-beat crow. I always knew who I was when he was around. Buster ran off to Vegas one summer with his favorite hen Chickmunk. Well, maybe not, but they both disappeared a day apart.

Samson, above, just crows. What does your rooster say?


  1. Our rooster is a Leghorn, and basically he said "EE.. EEE!!... EEEE!!!!" He's got such a terrible screech! I like it best when he accidentally whistles! :)
    You have had some nice boys.
    We had a polish rooster once, but his top hat kept getting picked on, and bleeding... so we sold him for a few dollars to a man that bought our little chicks we were selling.
    May the Lord Jesus bless you.

  2. Carra, I'd love to hear your rooster whistle - how funny!

  3. Our rooster just starting crowing the other day, so right now he sounds like a teenage boy with a cracking voice every time he tries to crow. It's so funny to watch him!

  4. They sound so funny when they first begin to crow! I bet he's hilarious to hear, Jennifer.


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