Our granddaughter has been complaining of an itchy scalp for several months. Her mother has tried so many shampoos on her - Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue and others. Currently they are using Neutragena T-Gel every other night. I washed her hair last night and rinsed it very well, but this morning she was scratching and said it's itchy again.

Ok, I thought, I've just used up all of my own homemade shampoo, so I'll make more, this time with herbs to address her itchy scalp. I told her I'd make her some shampoo with rose petal tea, and she was quite taken with that idea.

This is the basic recipe I use.

I googled "soothing herbs for itchy scalp" and found this list:
Herbs that Soothe the Scalp:
Catmint (leaves and flowering tops), chamomile,
comfrey, lavender, thyme, yarrow

Of those, I have chamomile, comfrey, thyme and yarrow on hand; I also have some lavender essential oil. My original "recipe" calls for rosemary and rose petals, and suggests adding some tea tree oil if your scalp is itchy.

This is what I made:

I boiled one cup (8 oz) of distilled water and poured it over the herbs (about a teaspoon of each: rosemary, chamomile, comfrey, thyme; a Tbsp of dried rose petals, and a handful of fresh yarrow flowers). I put a lid on the glass jar and let it steep until the water was cool.

In a clean, empty shampoo bottle I put:
3 oz of castille soap
3 Tbsp of aloe vera gel
1/2 tsp of sesame oil
several drops of tea tree oil

I wanted to include the lavender EO but could not find it; I saw it just the other day. When I find it, I will add some to the bottle.

When the infusion was cool, I strained it through a piece of muslin and poured it into the bottle. A shake, and it is ready to use tonight.

I added a few drops of English Rose fragrance oil. It still smells like tea tree oil, but it made my granddaughter happy.

This has no "thickeners" in it, so it's about as thin as water. Just a warning so you'll be prepared when it comes out of the bottle fast!


  1. Hey there! That is very nice. :) I'd like to be able to make my own shampoo. Lately we are using goat milk soap that we just made, and it is doing well as a hair soap too.
    I wonder how healthy it will be for our hair?
    May the Lord Jesus bless you, and I will be praying that your grandaughter's scalp will feel better now! :)

  2. Hi Carra. I make goat milk soap too, and have occasionally used it on my hair. I've decided I need to make a shampoo bar. :-)

    In the meantime, I'm using the shampoo recipe in today's post, which calls for liquid castille soap that I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs.


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